Determination: 1, Brain Breaking Image: 0…. Part 3….

The final installation…

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That ‘dog-pile-of-houses’ is going almost as well as expected. Better, in the sense that I’ve been able to make a few dozen different components so far this week.  Also, it’s great that they’re relatively easy to assemble into unique combinations.

Magistrate's Den Draft compilation draft 2

A portion of the raw architecture of the Downfall, as seen from the second story balcony of the Magistrate’s Den. This section reaches more than half way to that back  mottled grey wall, and only a quarter of it’s hight. It will be expanded to reach  the current, temporary ridge line. All the comforts of home, like tarps, cooking fires, tools, and plants, etc. will be added only on the final artwork.



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Can you spot this in the other picture? I’m secretly hoping not, but I think better of you than that.


The biggest challenge is that my models get so complicated that either the software, or my system’s having a heck of a time working with me. I’m getting better at my divide and conquer strategy. I’ve been working small pieces in their own files then importing them into the larger ‘compilation’ file. This creates a few problems of it’s own, of course. The worst issue I’ve had is the orientation of the pieces changes from one file to the next. I’m not sure what I’ve done to cause it. There’s always something to learn, especially as a novice Sketch Up-per.

Even with the new problems, the progress I’ve been able to make realizing this setting has been overwhelming. I’ve gone back to developing concept paintings of some other areas of the Downfall. They’re going so much better than any of my previous attempts. I  better understand the shapes, and how they fit and work together. I’m no longer making up the rules as I go, and it shows. Determination wins against the brain breaking image.


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