About End’s Shadow Caste


The wispy fog was a great afternoon for me. I was thinking about chalk drawings; chalk is a miserable medium when you’re looking for longevity in your work. I chose a dry brush technique with gesso, for it’s pasty quality. I use a mangled crusty brush for this and other things like fur for the character it gives. It can’t be duplicated in digital. Before the paint dries completely I buff it with a flannel cloth to give it an airbrushed quality  and a patina.

The apocalypse has come and gone. As mankind prepares to repeat history, one woman is given the choice to take things in a new direction.

“End’s Shadow Caste” is an epic journey, both in content and in the terms of my career. If you’re interested in learning more about this book and it’s creation, you’re in the right place!

You can learn more about me here. There’s also a fun interview I did here.


Western North America has seen some drastic changes over the centuries. Explorers and settlers changed the course for timeless indigenous communities. Gold-rushes gave way to skyscrapers. International trade brought the world to these shores.

Such fast growth breeds instability. Soon, the world crumbles under it’s own weight. Violent wars rage successively for 150 years. Centuries pass as the earth heals from the final devastation of WWVII.

Several generations after the fall of society, mankind rises again.  A curse has risen with it. The pain of past generations coils itself into a vengeful supernatural force. The Scead threaten to swallow everything.

One woman’s introverted world splinters when the people that died in the apocalypse begin to demand her attention. Mena has an opportunity to keep a history she doesn’t understand from repeating itself.  She is at the heart of the breach.  She is the cusp of a revolution, though she’s not certain she wants to give what it’s going to take.

Though this site is suitable for all, this book is intended for a mature audience. It contains graphic violence and nudity.

Reviews of “End’s Shadow Caste”:

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“…a fantastically imaginative graphic novel which really encourages the reader to bring their own interpretations to the story.” – Jack Croxall

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“For a nice change the story is left mostly for the reader to interpret. It gives the reader a challenge and a chance to use their own imagination. I found it hugely enjoyable not to have every detail spelled out to me.” – Jane Yates

Read the entire review…

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